Maths Activities Parents Can Do At Home
At Year 3 and 4, students generally work at Level 2 of the curriculum.  Year 3 students predominantly work at an early Level 2, while Year 4 students tend to become more proficient solving problems at this level.  You may find that your child would benefit from, and also enjoy doing the tasks from the year before their current year level. Reviewing familiar math and having easy success can build your child’s confidence and their belief in themselves as a ‘mathematician’. 

They will be solving realistic problems using their growing understanding of number, algebra, geometry, measurement and statistics.  While solving these problems they will make use of basic addition, subtraction and simple multiplication facts and their knowledge of place value.  E-ako  provides free online basic fact learning tools which will help your child learn their basic facts, as well as a collection of games to improve their speed and accuracy.

Below is a link to selection of activities that will support your child’s math learning at home. Remember it is okay to choose from any list of activities linked below. Be aware that you may need to provide added support when working above your child’s year level.  Year 3 activities  /   Year 4 activities

These activities aim to help develop your child’s number knowledge at Level 2.  Number Knowledge Activities