We welcome your interest in sending your child to our school and hope to make the process a positive experience for you.
Please follow the below steps to submit your application:

Please print out the below forms (links are provided at the bottom of this page). Hard copies are also available from our school office. 

  1. Enrolment form
  2. Preference Certificate (To be completed  by a Catholic Priest as per the guidelines below)
  3. Attendance dues 
  4. Emergency contact form

And return them to me at your earliest convenience. Including a copy of their:

  1.  Birth certificate or Passport 
  2.  Baptism Certificate   (If your child is not baptised we will need a copy of the baptismal certificate of the catholic parent)
  3.  Immunisation certificate
  4.  Visa (if required)
Please obtain a preference certificate from your local parish priest or from the parish you have a connection to.  (This applies to all students starting at Ss Peter & Paul School )’
Please take a copy of the preference certificate along with you when meeting with the priest. This is available to be printed off our website (under the Enrolment section) or a hard copy can be obtained from the school office.
To ensure a smooth process when meeting with the Priest: 
A.      If your child is baptised please bring along their baptismal certificate.
B.      If your child is not baptised you will need a copy of the baptismal certificate of the catholic parent.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Lisa Short 

(04) 569 5759 – ext 2


The links to the enrolment documentation are below: