PTA – Parent Teacher Association

The PTA Committee encourages the school community to connect, meet new people and form ideas on how to continue building the school community and fundraise towards school projects that benefit the students and school. 
Attending meetings is a great way to hear about what is happening at our school and discuss and be involved in future PTA commitments. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings, which are held twice a Term, usually at 7.00pm in the School Staffroom.  
Click here to join the PTA face book page to view news and PTA events.  
Dates of each meeting is available on this page. 
Committee members include:
Hannah Stewart (President), Louisa Turner (Secretary), Steve Giborees (Treasurer), Rewa Mahoney, Pip Sloan, Martina Burt, Tina Lyons, Luke Mahoney.
Feel free to contact the PTA by email 
Would be great to hear from you!