Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of our school and plays a central role in the educational achievement of our children and young people. The Board works in partnership with the Principal, the School Leadership Team and staff for the benefit of our students.  Each (Board and Staff) have their respective roles and responsibilities but are dependent on working cooperatively with one another to be able to carry out their responsibilities effectively.  

View our 2021 annual report. The primary objective of the Board is to ensure every student can reach their full potential, nurtured by our Catholic identity. View the Charter and Strategic Plan 2021-2023. To view our recent 2019 ERO Review click here. To view our 2022 Catholic Special Character Evaluation click here. This report provides a detailed insight into how we are working to safeguard and strengthen our Catholic Special Character.

Policies and Procedures You will find these on the SchoolDocs website site is password protected. If you have forgotten the password please contact Lisa in the school office.Upon accessing this site we recommend that you save the log on details for ease of ongoing use.  You can also access these policies and procedures via the Parent Portal under About Us. When your child started school you would have received an email from the office which will have provided details on how to log into this portal.  If you have problems accessing the Parent Portal please contact Lisa in the school office.

2023 Meeting Dates
Meetings start at 7pm in the Staffroom on Wednesdays. All parents are welcome to attend.

  1. Wednesday 1 March
  2. Wednesday 5 April
  3. Wednesday 24 May
  4. Wednesday 28 June
  5. Wednesday 16 August
  6. Wednesday 20 September
  7. Wednesday 8 November
  8. Wednesday 6 December

Our Board
To contact the Board of Trustees please email our Office Manager (Lisa) at

Presiding Member Michael Valli

Principal Kay Tester

Elected Trustees
Rau Maxwell
Mike Eglinton
George Jose
Karen Wong

Proprietor’s Representatives

Tanya Wilton 
Fr Patrick Bridgman
Joey Domdom
Mani Kappen

Elected Staff Representative
Sarah Gilmour