Maths Activities Parents Can Do At Home
From starting school until Year 2, students generally work at Level 1 of the curriculum while  Year 3 students predominantly work at early Level 2.  

You may find that your child would benefit from, and also enjoy doing the tasks from the year before their current year level. Reviewing familiar maths and having success will build your child’s confidence and their belief in themselves as a ‘mathematician’. They will be solving realistic problems using their growing understanding of number, algebra, geometry, measurement and statistics.  While solving these problems they will make use of basic addition, subtraction and early multiplication facts as well as developing their knowledge of place value.

Below is a link to selection of activities that will support your child’s maths learning at home. Remember it is okay to choose from any list of activities linked below. Be aware that you may need to provide added support when working above your child’s year level.  Year 1  /  Year 2  /  Year 3

These activities provide some ideas for how you can raise awareness and share mathematics using everyday experiences and resources found around your home. It includes ideas for supporting your children’s learning in all areas of mathematics: geometry, measurement, statistics, algebra and number. Maths in practical contexts